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Sweeping Machines, including Industrial Sweeping Machines and Floor Sweeping Machines, are specialized equipment designed to clean and remove dust, debris, and dirt from various surfaces. Industrial Sweeping Machines are typically used in large commercial or industrial spaces due to their high capacity and efficiency. On the other hand, Floor Sweeping Machines are versatile tools used in various settings, from residential homes to business premises, to maintain cleanliness and hygiene by effectively sweeping floors

Manual Sweeper

Model MS1
Type Walk Behind
Power Manual
Main Brush Dia 550 mm
Total Cleaning Width 700 mm
Area Coverage 1500 sqm/hr
Tank Capacity 50 Ltr
Weight 23 Kg

Ride on Sweeper

Model Rswip 1300
Type Battery Operated
Power 6 V x 4 = 24 V
Main Brush Dia 700 mm
Total Cleaning Width 1330 mm
Area Coverage 7315 Sqm / hr
Tank Capacity 70 + 30 = 100 Ltr
Weight 225 Kg