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Scrubber Driers are specialized cleaning machines used to thoroughly clean and dry floors in a single operation. They come in various types to suit different needs. Industrial Scrubber Driers are designed for heavy-duty cleaning in large commercial or industrial spaces, offering high capacity and efficiency. Walk Behind Scrubber Dryers are compact and maneuverable machines ideal for cleaning medium-sized areas, while Ride On Scrubber Driers are larger, motorized units designed for cleaning extensive areas with less effort. Professional Scrubber Driers are high-performance machines often used by cleaning services and businesses for intensive cleaning tasks, ensuring a spotless and dry floor in a quick and efficient manner.

Walk Behind Scrubber / Drier

Model ACM 28 E ACM 45 E ACM 45 B
Voltage 230 V x 50 Hz 230 V x 50 Hz 12 V x 2 V
Brush Motor 750 W 750 W 550 W
Vacuum Motor 1000 W 1000 W 400 W
Brush Dia 450 mm 510 mm 510 mm
Squeegee Width 550 mm 780 mm 780 mm
Area Coverage 1600 Sqm/hr 2050 Sqm/hr 2050 Sqm/hr
Water Tank 28/32 L 45/55 L 45/55 L

Ride On Scrubber / Drier

Model A102 A103
Voltage 12x2=24 V 12x3=36 V
Brush Motor 550 W 1000 W
Vacuum Motor 390 W 800 W
Brush Dia 560 mm 860 mm
Squeeze Width 800 mm 1200 mm
Area Coverage 3000 Sqm/hr 5590 Sqm/hr
Water Tank 90/100 L 150/170 L

Smart Cleaner

Item Name Unit SJ350
Voltage V 24V
Battery   12V/32AH*2
Charger voltage   220V 50HZ/110 60HZ
Clean Width mm 350
Sucker Width mm mm
Dia. of brush   14"
Noise DBA +<
Brush Motor W 400w
Sucker Motor W 500w
Clean Water Tank L 20L
Dirty Water Tank L 22L
Charger   QUANYU 24V/15A
Working Time H 3-4
Brush Pressure KG 32kg
Machine Size mm 740*400*1040
Packing Size mm 900*580*700
Weight KG 77kg
HC Code   8479899990

Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner

Supervac 3 Supervac 6 Supervac 8
Motor 2 hp 3 hp 5 hp
Voltage 3ph., 415 V 3ph., 415 V 3ph., 415 V
Vacuum 900 mm WG 1900 mm WG 2400 mm WG
Air Displacement 270 m3 / hr 330 m3 / hr 360 m3 / hr
Capacity 30 Liters 30 Liters 30 Liters
Weight (approx) 110 Kgs 130 Kgs 150 Kgs