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Vacuum Cleaners, such as Industrial Vacuum Cleaners and Professional Vacuum Cleaners, are devices that use an air pump to create a vacuum to suck up dust and dirt from floors and other surfaces. Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, often used in large commercial or industrial settings, are designed for heavy-duty cleaning and can handle larger debris. ACM Vacuum Cleaners are a range of high-quality, efficient vacuum cleaners suitable for a variety of cleaning needs. Professional Vacuum Cleaners are high-performance machines designed for intensive cleaning tasks, often used by cleaning services and businesses

Vacuum Cleaner

Model V 35 V 60
Power 1300 W 2200 W
Suction Power 245 mbar 270 mbar
Voltage 230 Volt 230 Volt
Water Tank 35 Ltr 60 Ltr
Weight 15 Kg 28 Kg